Players: Get Off the Bench.

How would you like to make better split-second decisions on the court, minimize your errors, and develop the hoop-savvy it takes to go pro?
Because not every player comes into the game as a giant. But by all accounts, developing skills – like being able to anticipate where your team most needs you - is every bit as important to the game as height, endurance, and dexterity are. And the good news for advancing players is that this intuition can be acquired.

Let it be clear: The brain is where the game is really played, and brains can be trained, just like muscles can. Daily repetitions of a motion – like lay-ups and jump shots - make it natural, fluid. The same is true for mental endurance, flexibility, and for thinking on the run, ahead of the ball, and ahead of the guy seeking to lock you down. Mental excellence is quantifiable, and it is changeable.
The Basketball IntelliGym® is offering its members the key to the court.


"After all is said and done, the IntelliGym trains players in making the right choices. The guys that really bought in, it helped. Some guys didn't buy in, and these are the same guys that make bad decisions. It’s that simple."

John Calipari, University of Kentucky, Head Coach

The Basketball IntelliGym®, originally developed by cognitive psychologists, computer engineers, and game theorists to develop precise instincts in military fighter pilots. The IntelliGym program has been adapted to basketball in consultation with pro coaching and scouting staff. Several NCAA D1 powerhouses were the earliest to adapt the Basketball IntelliGym®. Universities such as Florida, Memphis, Kansas, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, and others used the Basketball IntelliGym® as part of their training regimen. The spectacular results during March Madness put us on the map on your road to success.


Get the Off-Court Advantage

The Basketball IntelliGym® is automatically customized to each and every player's strengths and weakness, and is uniquely based on positive reinforcement. It adapts to a player's learning curve and particular needs as he develops new lines to competitive success in his neural pathways. It is like having a personal, clairvoyant coach calling the shots inside your head.
Best of all, you are developing a basketball brain at your home computer while resting your biceps and calf muscles… No sweatbands needed for this segment of training. Make no mistake, though. You will sweat.

The Basketball IntelliGym® Tech Specs

  • The application is downloadable immediately after purchase
  • On installation, each user has personal user name and password
  • The server tracks each player personally and customizes the training to him based on his progress
  • The applications runs on any Windows based PC system with connection to the internet
  • Training session duration: ~ 30 minutes
  • Recommended regimen: 2 training sessions per week, with at least 48 hours of rest between them
  • Coaches receive attendance and progress reports (Team Package)
  • Significant results on court are seen after 10-15 training sessions on average
  • 60-Day money back guarantee

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The Basketball IntelliGym on The LAB.

"We benefited right away from this product. Our point guard trained diligently, and as promised we saw great strides from his play. He broke our single season and game assist records, earned 1st Team All-State and Metro North Player of the Year honors and a scholarship to play at Boston University."

Mark Galloway, Head Coach, Carmel High School, Indiana