Never Let Your Guard Down

The Basketball IntelliGym®, originally developed by cognitive psychologists, computer engineers, and game theorists to develop precise instincts in military fighter pilots. The IntelliGym® program has been adapted to basketball in consultation with pro coaching and scouting staff, such as Hubie Brown, Jim Calhoun, John Calipari, and others.


"In the game of basketball it is not about who runs faster or jumps higher, but about who makes better decisions and fewer mistakes. This is the first time I see a training tool that can actually improve game intelligence skills of basketball players. The Basketball IntelliGym is revolutionary."

Hubie Brown, Hall of Fame, Coached 3 NBA Teams, ESPN Basketball Analyst

Several NCAA D1 powerhouses were the earliest to adapt the Basketball IntelliGym®. Universities such as Florida, Memphis, Kansas, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, and others adopted the Basketball IntelliGym® as part of their training regimen. The spectacular results during March Madness - on average, those teams upped their wins by 20% - put us firmly on the strategy map. Coaches noticed the change in how their players performed.


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Get the Off-Court Advantage for Your Players

The Basketball IntelliGym® is automatically customized to each and every player's strengths and weaknesses, and is uniquely based on positive reinforcement. It adapts to a player's learning curve and particular needs as he develops new lines to competitive success in his neural pathways.

Tap into the Science of Winning

Originally, the Basketball IntelliGym® was available for collegiate teams only. As installation and maintenance became easier, the training system became available to younger players and teams at ages 12-18. Today coaches have two avenues they can utilize the Basketball IntelliGym®. First is just recommending the product to the more serious players on their teams. The second, is purchasing a Value Pack for the entire team from the team's budget. The latter gives a much better price per unit.

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"The Basketball IntelliGym is revolutionary and any coach that will look at it will recognize immediately what it can do for his players…I wouldn’t be surprised if five years from now every college and pro team in the U.S. will have the IntelliGym Trainer as an integral component of its training system."

Jim Calhoun, UConn Head Coach